Finishing Touches



Looking to make your bridal fashion statement truly special? Divine Designs will help you put the finishing touches on your wedding day look with a full line of designer accessories-delicate accents that complement your gown and highlight your unique personality.

Let Divine Designs help you:

  • add a stunning belt or sash to accentuate your curves and add a layer of captivating
  • sparkle all day and night in exquisite, handcrafted adornments including necklaces,
    bracelets and earrings.
  • complete your couture ensemble with a designer veil or headpiece from our extensive collection.

Divine Designʼs Bridal Boutique carries the finest designer accessories available in Portland, Oregon and the greater Northwest.

Artist’s Signature Charm

Finest Designer Accessories

Paris by Debra Moreland

An American company styled after the artisan guilds of Europe, Paris by Debra Moreland accessories are best known for craftsmanship, heirloom quality and the artistʼs signature charm. Her unique understanding of form, balance and function is integrated into every design decision she makes.

Click here for the Paris by Debra Moreland website.

Toni Federici

Toni Federiciʼs innovative accessories feature tiaras, combs, hair brooches, pins and jewelry available in a myriad of elegant stylings. Her veils are exclusive designs, with distinctive shapes that will provide the crowning touch to your designer wedding gown.

Click here for the Toni Federici website.